Super Moon in Aquarius, the disruption in your life is good news, embrace

Satnam loves,

Welcome to the Super Full Moon of Aquarius.


It is happening right now.  You have probably felt it all week.


The disruptive, the shake, the strangeness, the suddenness of events and happenings.


All are expected during this powerful time.


I am here to help you navigate this time with a little more insight and guidance in this newsletter and in my

live workshop happening today/tomorrow (depending on where in the world you are living).


Link here to RSVP, remember, replay's are available if you can't make it for the live class. We go deep into it in a fun and practical way to help you harness this time.


The Aquarius Full Super Moon happens on August 11th/12th 6:36PM PST (LA TIME).


Aquarius is a sign that helps us look to the future, it helps us find inspiration, it helps us find inventive solutions for the vision of our lives.


This has some new moon feel's to it, in that we have space during this full moon not only to celebrate

all that is happening in this cycle, but to look at the future and see what future we wish to design.


Look at the frequency of your vision, not the exact end point.

\My advice would be to look more at the vibration and feelings you want to experience more of in the future and not something like a brand new car, or home.  This is about finding an alignment closer to you feeling genuinely good in your life about your life.  A life that is not about approval, but about a true deep sense of satisfaction.


Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Not quite... haha, we all have work to do and we are all given signs all the time if we are in alignment with our soul / heart space or if we are following a path that we "think" we should follow to appease and gain approval from our peer groups, family, culture....


Aquarius helps us see the big picture of our lives and helps us align it with our hearts path.


We have to learn to TRUST, our lives and the messages we receive all the time.


To experience a big picture that brings you a sense of abundance, joy, peace, pleasure....

we have to tune into this Full Moon Aquarius and LISTEN!


Say yes to things you haven't experienced before.


Go out on a limb...


Try things differently.


We are in an innovative time where we can find the answer to almost any problem we are facing right now.


Change doesn't always feel comfortable.


So look at the edge and see if you can sit with it amongst all the changes that are happening right now, quite naturally.  We are not forcing any changes, they are simply happening!


The Full Moon in Aquarius also gives us even more access to trust our intuition.


Take your feelings quite seriously, I mean not seriously, but seriously look at them, as they arise. They are your signals from your inner space to make change in one direction or another.


The Biggest Astrological Square of the Year is happening right now as well. Soooo as you can see, and have probably already experienced... things are shifting.  The square brings together Aquarius, Uranus, Saturn and Mars.


What we are dealing with overall is all about leaving the past behind..


Saturn deals with the past.


Uranus and Mars the future.


All of this comes together to help us move forward.


The momentum into the shift that is going to open up for us is picking up.


It's time to hold onto our seats and take ACTION as we are inspired to...


There is a major shift in play!


I'm SOOO excited to share a deeper dive of all of this and more in my live or recorded workshop, again, head over to livekick studios here to RSVP.  If this is your first class with me, you can sign up for a free first class as well!




Love and hope to see you soon!




Myrah & Robindra


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