Making very clear your true heart's desire and purpose with the New Moon in Virgo

Satnam Loves, Myrah here.

I'm am very excited to share that I am hosting a free New Moon Workshop on my birthday this weekend on the 28th. 

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If you are in North America, that means this workshop is on the 27th in the evening.


The New Moon lands at about 1:17AM PST on the 27th.

The Sun will be in Virgo, Moon will be in Virgo and Mars will be in Gemini (which is ruled by Mercury)


The key message from this New Moon is all about making very clear your true heart's desire and purpose.

This will happen through the influence of the grand messenger (Mercury).


How to integrate the energy? Think about nature, being in nature, spending time barefoot in the earth, in the water, the mountains and at night observing the bright night sky full of stars.


Virgo is an earth sign.

The feeling we have in nature and with earth is that feeling of being protected and to feel secure.


When we feel secure we lay our roots down and trust.


We stay grounded in our natural state more often.


Think about doing simple meditation practises 3-5 times a day during this new moon cycle.


Try 5 min relaxation exercises that are quick and calming.


This is a time to not be on your phone or online too much.


Honour yourself, honour how you were made, eat well, rest well, stay hydrated.

It's really easy right now to burn out. It's also really easy to get dehydrated, it's easy to be very busy and it's very easy to succumb ourselves to the FOMO of life that is on social media. Look forward, live your life, trust that you are exactly where you need to be!


The New Moon happens at 1:17am PST.


This is for Legacy.


17 is the number of immortality.


There is something possible for you during this new moon that gives you an opportunity to leave a legacy behind. Take stock of how you have been approaching life.


Side note, have you heard the track LEGACY yet? By OVEOUS? It's sooo good.


Ok back to it.


What has been on your mind?


Whatever you are focusing on will return the favour in this time. So FOCUS on the good in your life already.


In the shadow side of all of this.. with the Sun and Mars energy here there can be a feeling of competitiveness. If you find yourself irritable, slow down, go back to your basics and fundamentals...

try to ground, and remain confident in yourself.


We have a new moon, this is very much GO FOR IT energy with Mars on our side right now.


Your ability to take initiative is enhanced. Take action. Even just something that gets you going in the right direction. Baby steps are better than NO steps!


Mars is actually sextile to Jupiter which will give you an even stronger desire to move forward and create success in your life.


You are innovative.


You are magnetic.


You are attractive.


You are confident.


You are ready!


I hope ALL of you join me for this very special New Moon in Virgo Birthday Workshop. Click here to find out the timezone and time for you in your city and RSVP, for FREE!



Love and Sunshine from BALI!





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