Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse Musings + Workshop with Myrah

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Satnam loves, 

Even though earlier last week I got myself into a small motorbike accident, I'm ok, but really bruised up from the minor fall. I am excited to share and teach a New Moon Workshop this upcoming Tuesday December 15th.  

Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse 

This is the freedom eclipse. New Moons are the beginnings of new cycles and eclipses bring the closure of the past 6 months and begin a new 6 month cycle for us.

What new ideas have been emerging for you lately?

What's been inspiring for you?

What move could you make that would make you giddy excited about your life?

How could you experience even more freedom over the next 6 month cycle?
Join me for an online workshop this Tuesday December 15th with Livekick Studio for a class to tap into this auspicious New Moon Energy. 
Sagittarius New Moon, boosts enthusiasm, instinct, trust in fortunate outcomes and the goodness of the universe.  It's a wonderful way to begin a new cycle. 
We are entering the new age of aquarius and this is the last eclipse of 2020. Very auspicious and powerful energetic times as we march towards the winter solstice. 
During this time energy is VERY MAGNETIC, positive and negative!  So don't let anyone, anything, any kind of media get in your way to inner joy, peace and wellness. 
This is THE time to disconnect from repetitious programs of fear being delivered to us by all kinds of media that is feeding the mass population with fear.
It's time to consciously reprogram your mind and environment... try playing a mantra in your home 24-7 at a very low volume, so it's barely noticeable but you know it's there.  Writing practises are wonderful for aligning your thoughts and intentions. 
As we put the volume down on negativity and media programs, 
you will experience an opening, and feel lighter and during this new moon time, you will quickly magnetize more love, more peace, more energy.
Sagittarius is enthusiastic by nature, it is a fire sign,
adaptable, resilient and Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system) is its ruling planet. 
Jupiter enhances joy and expands everything you focus on, so be mindful of where you direct your attention. Use the New Moon energy with the eclipse to give you a powerful beginning to the 6 month cycle. 
Sagittarius governs fortunate outcomes, visualize, make space for and expect the most miraculous outcomes for yourself and the entire planet. 
I truly believe that positivity is what we need to magnetize to on all levels.
Keep smiling.  Keep focused and I hope some of you will join me on tuesday for a online workshop on aligning with the New Moon Eclipse Energy.  Sign up here.
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