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Article: Mayan Day of No Time, Lunar Eclipse + Astral Insights

Mayan Day of No Time, Lunar Eclipse + Astral Insights

Mayan Day of No Time, Lunar Eclipse + Astral Insights

Hello divine sisters, Myrah here!! 

Myrah Penaloza Kundalini Yoga

(Photo: Wearing Kundalini Gown Billowing Sleeves Edition)

Is anyone else out there blown away by the immense transformative power of cosmic happenings this week?

There is an open door, a portal available to us right now starting with the Mayan Day of No Time. If you haven't read or heard about, here is a little info to get you started. 

The Gregorian Calendar that the world is currently following, derives from the word Calen (schedule of) & dar (payment of taxes).  Yikes, right?? I've been following the Mayan Calendar for many moons and it is a wonderful way to see time. You see, there are 13 moons in a year yet we only have 12 months??

The Mayan Calendar calculates the year through cycles of the moon with each month having 4 weeks x 7 days = (28) day weeks giving us 13 moons x 28 day months. 28 x 13 = 364 days. 

The day of no time is July 25th and is the 365th day of the Mayan Calendar Year. According to the calendar, "Time Is Art", and this day this year is also followed by the longest lunar eclipse on the century on July 26th!! How auspiciously powerful right??

July 25th is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the dawning of The Galactic New Year which is always July 26th.

This is a day to see and play with and observe the idea that TIME IS ART.

What can we do this week to bring more art into the world?

How can we be more expressive, more reverent and respectful for all life?

This day is about increasing our awareness of the importance of our eternal time, to tap into our connection with the divine and mother earth. 

Today is the day to send your love, your light, your clarity, & your clearest visions for the ideal outcome to loved ones who have asked for love and support, to our beautiful planet, this is the day to use the light that we have in our consciousness and hearts and our capacity to dream a vivid happy future, this is a day to send all of our good energy specifically to mother earth.

Just a few things to think about today!

Mayan Day Of No Time Lunar Eclipse + Astral Insights

If you are curious, do your research for it online, there are small Mayan 13 Moon celebrations happening all over the world and probably in your city right now.

Lunar Eclipse Musings

According to my Vedic astrologer.

The stars aligned this month are ripe for good fortune in your finances. This is a time go and follow the path with your feelings over logic.

Mayan Day Of No Time Lunar Eclipse + Astral Insights

(Photo: Wearing Prairie Gown with Raw Cotton Sleeves)

This lunar eclipse may have you feeling unsettled, you might be moving, the winds of change in terms of where you live or how you feel about where you live is here.

It's time to slow down, slow your response to people who make you angry, slow down to look at your automatic response to things that bother you, to observe yourself, to become your own parent, to grow up into the magnificent being that you are!

In Kundalini Yoga, we focus on the strengthening of the navel point to strengthen your personal identity, it is probably a good time to get into navel point based meditations and Kriya's. 

Watch my Instagram feed today and tomorrow and I'll be sharing some of my fav ones at @myrahpenaloza 

It's time to make some changes in the physical area of your life to align with the stars.  The key this month is to accept yourself, in all the new ways, the plans that you have set may need to change, people around you are changing, the winds of change are here! 

The best thing you can do in this time is to stay in your center and don't allow yourself to be too drawn into all the changes around you. Stay centered and don't be pulled by the strong winds of change that are here in this cycle. 

Mayan Day Of No Time Lunar Eclipse + Astral Insights

(Photo: Wearing the Prairie Gown with Raw Cotton Sleeves)

They say it's not a time to initiate anything new but to slow down and experience the thoughts, feelings, and emotions running to create space for a new kind of inner peace.

The key this month is in the resistance of what is arising in your life. Allow things to flow, be aware of your automatic responses and try to move from a more conscious loving space. 

Satnam beloved friends, if any of you are in the world of astrology, I'd love to interview you for our La Luna Social Magazine. 



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