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Article: How to Activate Your Greatness, Everyday.

How to Activate Your Greatness, Everyday.

How to Activate Your Greatness, Everyday.

Hello beautiful sisters, Myrah here. 

How To Activate Your Greatness Everyday.

Our Nomadic Family has landed in California. It's only been a few days and we can totally feel the shift of energy from Oregon and Canada. Right now, I'm not sure how you feel but the gravity seems heavier and its getting harder for me to move around, could be the intense desert heat here in Cali or it could just be the shifting of the planets.

We feel the impact of eclipses not just at the moment that they occur, but for days, weeks and even months/years at a time. 

How To Activate Your Everyday Greatness by taking over dominion over your attention. 

Life is an ever unfolding journey and what I'm learning lately is that we must consciously ACTIVATE our Greatness daily and which means overcoming the never ending barrage that is social media and all the negative news that finds its way into our attention. 

I was reading a note from Carrie-Anne Moss and she was talking about her concern about our addiction to technology and smart phones specifically, which connects us to the collective consciousness of worry, doubt, comparison and fear constantly. 

It reminded me to connect with myself, meditate, write and take a little time to myself. 

When you meditate, you realize that magnificence and harmonizing prosperity is your normal state.

This normal state of your Everyday Greatness is attained by taking back control of where we put our attention. It's time to take dominion over your attention, bring it back sisters, bring it hOMe.

By doing this, you are lifting your vibration and your life will change, your conditions will change because you have changed your vibrational address, your frequency, 

Carrie-Anne Moss Further Shared

I am concerned about my own addiction to technology.

I am concerned about a generation of young children and even babies being raised by distracted parents.

No more phone for me first thing in the morning.

I will go straight to my yoga mat and tune into myself and the deeper presence that is easily available to me when I take the time to sit and listen.

I will not respond to everything immediately.

Instead I will take actual pen-and-paper notes of things that need my attention—emails, texts, etc., and I will sit down and do them efficiently rather than all day long.

When I want to numb out with technology, I ask myself to

H A L T.

Am I





If the answer is yes, then I will tend to that.

We are such infinitely creative beings.

We deserve rich and fulfilling lives.

This note from Carrie Ann Moss, really woke me up today and I really had to share this. It's so important, I'll be sharing a 7 Day, 7 Step Challenge that you can do at home next week, check our newsletter when it arrives for your free download!

Activating Your Greatness by Seeing Through Everyday Mantra's and a practise of Gratitude.

One thing easy thing we can all do to activate our everyday greatness is the use of mantra (sound technology) and gratitude. 

Repeat after me:
How To Activate Your Greatness Everyday.
I am so grateful that all of my needs are met.
I am so grateful that everything is working for my good.
I am so grateful for the glad surprises that are finding me right now.
I am grateful. 
I want you to recognize that there is such radiant beauty in you already, here and now.
Recognize that there is love within you. 
Recognize that there is beauty within you.
Recognize there is a divine intelligence within you and its your job to set it free and make a difference on the planet with your unique expression. 
Mantra's that I love that really wake me up, remove negativity and put me in a state of greatness is Humme Humm Brahm Humm.  I particularily love this version by Aykanna who performed this at our BLOOM Festival in Edmonton.
Activating Your Greatness by Seeing Through Sacred Eyes
Onsies for kundalini yoga
One more way we can activate greatness every single day is to see the world through sacred eyes.
Sacred seeing is giving the benefit of the doubt, its seeing the innocence in your everyday interactions with the people in your life, recognizing that we are all doing our best with the resources (emotional, physical, etc).
When we see the highest potential in the people in our lives they just seem to do better, they rise to the occasion and generally feel much better about themselves. They go out and make a difference and this is how we change the world, one sacred glance at a time. 
This sacred seeing amplifies the field of intelligence around us and magnetizes even more good into our lives. Give it a try for a week and see how it goes for yourself. Everything I shared today are all experiments that have tried and am trying, there is no one that that works for everyone but who knows something here just might work for you if you give it a try!
Thanks for reading and listening, if you try something these things and they work, I'd love to hear from you!

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