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Article: Manifestation tips for beginners

Manifestation tips for beginners

Manifestation tips for beginners

Manifestation tips for beginners 

Manifestation techniques, visualise your highest self, fantasy map making

Manifestation is a form of calling something into your life that you aspire to do or be. It can be anything from reaching your highest potential, setting up a business, channeling more abundance or starting a family. 

If you’re a beginner the concept can seem a bit wishy/washy at times. Books like The Secret reveal that the trick to manifestation is simply believing that it has already happened in order for you to attract it. This may seem far-fetched for those who don’t practice manifestation, but at its most simplistic form manifestation is goal setting and channeling your energy and focus in the right direction. 

Ultimately vibrations and energies are constantly flowing through and around us. Our Chakras are the internal source of energy that guides and protects us. The sun and the moon are external energy sources that provide us with life and sways our moods. 

These are both different vibrations that we tap into on a subconscious level. For example, we can sense other people’s feelings and emotions or when there’s a tense atmosphere in a room. 

Manifestation works in the same way, by tapping into our energy sources. It’s calling in our highest-self and it’s setting a new level of vibration as we clear out blockages or limiting beliefs that are holding us back as we say yes to our intentions and desires. 

What would you like to manifest in your life? 

In this journal we’ll discuss manifestation techniques that have helped me create the beautiful life I now lead from owning my own sustainable clothing brand, to living in Bali. 


  • Visualize your highest-self 

  • This can be done in a form of meditation or a journaling practice. 

    The term is visualize, but in truth it’s stepping back into your highest form of self. This is your soul and the spiritual essence that brought you to this earth, having this human experience. We are often so wrapped up in our thoughts and egos that we forget our highest-self has always been here, witnessing everything from the beginning. 

    When we remind ourselves of who we truly are, we are in alignment and on the highest frequency possible. This is when manifestation works. 

    Sing a mantra, calm your mind or breathe your way back to yourself. You know when you’re there. 

  • Tapping 

  • Tapping is a useful tool for manifestation as it clears out blockages in the body that are restricting our vibrations and energy flows. There are many healing practices from the eastern world such as reiki, acupuncture or deep meditation. 

    When practicing at home, simply tap areas of your body in a pattern. For example begin with gently tapping your wrists for five seconds, then your temple for the same time, then under the eye sockets, the chin, under the collar bone and then in your heart centre. Repeat for 3 or 4 rounds. This gets energy and vibrations moving through your body. 

    Some people like to say affirmations whilst doing it, or start calling in their intentions. 

  • Journaling 

  • A limiting belief is an idea that has been conditioned or programmed onto us, usually from early childhood. 

    I don’t deserve money 

    I’m not good at painting 

    I can’t start my own business 

    These are all limiting-beliefs that often hold us back from manifesting our goals. It’s when self-sabotage comes into full effect. Like when everything is going too well, and we call something into our lives to mess it up because that’s what we think we deserve. 

    Journal these thoughts out and realise where they originate from. Make the choice that you will no longer listen to this false belief as it has never served you.

  • Reminders

  • A powerful form of manifestation is fantasy mapping, creating a vision board or writing a letter to your future self. 

    This helps you get very clear on your intention, and puts it directly out to the universe what it is you want to manifest. 

    You can also create an altar somewhere at home that has things to remind you daily of your goals. For example pictures of a place you’d like to visit or flowers you’d put in your new home. 

  • Affirmations 

  • Affirmations and words are extremely powerful. Words said aloud can reset our minds and shift our focus. When we stand in the mirror and say positive affirmations it’s like someone else is empowering us and making us feel strong. It helps rewire the brain, in the same way creating a gratitude journal can ease anxiety and bring us back to the present moment. 

    When you say affirmations or intentions make sure they’re as strong as possible and said out loud.

    • I want my book to be published > My book is published 
    • I want to be happy > I am happy
    • I want to travel the world > I am traveling the world 


    You can manifest in many ways but the most important thing is to feel connected to yourself. Get very clear on what it is you want, and use your internal source of power and energy to vibrate and attract it into your life. 

    The Universe, God, Gaia, your Higher-Self, or whatever you believe in, is listening and moving within you. Feel that power and set the right intentions, allowing it to flow. 

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