IS IT TOO LATE to have the best year EVER? Musings on navigating your postpartum journey in 2018

Is It Too Late To Have The Best Year Ever Musings On Navigating Your Postpartum Journey In 2018

I woke up this morning thinking IS IT TOO LATE to have the best year EVER? I don’t know about you but my January, being in a crazy frozen winter in Canada and with a growing 13 month angel by my side, this year has started off slow, intentionally slow to support my personal health, mental health and well-being.

Every woman’s #postpartum health journey is totally different but slowing down and taking care of YOU is of utmost importance, it’s a time to understand your own limits, understanding where you need support and asking for it.

According to numerology, we are in an 11 Year 

💎 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 eleven is the energy of the flow, 11 is the energy of the infinite, it’s your connection to the infinite, 11 holds the space for everything to exist which means THIS year we can do anything.

If we tap into it correctly and we can create great change and this creation can be easy, graceful and prosperous. Today, this week, this year, plant all the seeds you want to harvest in this incredible year.

So whether you are going slow like me or going all in, allow yourself the space on a daily basis to suspend disbelief and steep your awareness in whatever would make your year the best ever, then really take on having the courage, strength and follow through to create with the energy of 11 this year.

Use the 11 energy to work in your favor. It’s here for you. The universe is here for you, especially in an 11 year.

May divine flow be yours.

May expansion be yours.

May you be victorious.

Keep UP!



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