I have very good news for you today.... Gemini New Moon Blessings

Satnam loves, I come with good news today.
Gemini New Moon is coming in hot on the 30th at 4:30am PST LA. After this intense beginning to the eclipse season this is certainly a welcome break which will bring a lightness to your being.
During this time it will be essential to simplify your life to only what is essential.
This isn't a time to hit the gas, it is actually a time to rest and rejuvenate.
New Moons do that, they slow things down, they are grounding, these are the times when the farmers plant their seeds as gravity is at its strongest point during this time.
There are so many wonderful elements to this New Moon. Since we have done the deep cleansing work now with the last 2 eclipses we can now move into a more joyful approach to our day to day life.
Gemini has a little spunk, Gemini is fun, Gemini brings a bright energy to the table.
You will find making new connections very easy during this time, so do keep a look out for those who you notice and those that notice you and reach out. There is magic to be made with the Gemini world.
Your mind will be very active, so it will be very important for you to write and empty the vessel as best as you can so you can truly listen for what your intuition is guiding you towards.
Gemini brings a starting fresh kind of healing energy.
You will have to take responsibility to balance your practical and spiritual lives.
Yin and Yang.
Heaven and Earth.
Head to Heart.
All of these will need to be in balance for you to truly connect to the unity experience available to us right now.
Gemini brings a bit of motion, humor and helps you with your communications. A little break from the mercury retrograde energy!
Take time to be in the space of curiosity, take time to write and to understand different viewpoints with the people in your life.
Letting Go.
All aspects of this new moon that you will probably be experiencing.
You could feel all the feels during this time as the new moon energy can make you feel emotional. If you do, certainly one of the reasons to join me in class for my new Moon Workshop. (link below).
Your message will be heard if you feel the inspiration to share it.
People need your light.
People need your inspiration.
The world needs your love right now.
We will work on your sense of emotional focus during my new moon workshop... to be able to be more conscious.
You will be lit from within.
Your intuition will be speaking to you brightly.
You will feel inspired to move forward.
Trust what is coming through.
You are worthy.
You are already recognized.
Repeat after me.
I am open to miracles.
I am ready for healing.
I am ready for even more joy in my life right now.
Dear spirit of the water, of the fire, of the earth... I am ready for your blessings and I am here to share my gifts and make my spiritual payments in the form of love and service.
And so it is.
Ps. Please do join me for my New Moon Astro Kundalini Yoga Workshop. Its always a blast! And if you can't make it to the live show, you can watch the replay. Click here to RSVP and find out when it is in your timezone.

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