Are you ready for a major turning point for your life? Read this!

Satnam Loves,
Who is going to be joining me for my monthly Full Moon Workshop next week?
Who is already feeling the energies?
Who is feeling the emotions?
Full Moons can bring with them alot of emotional energy.
This upcoming Full Moon is in Libra and is on April 16th at 11:45am PST.
Libra is about balances.
Libra visually is represented with a scale which is a metaphor on balances.
With these scales, I will be sharing how we can tip these scales in our favor to have a turning point energy to it for your life.
Who is ready for a major turning point in their lives?
I certainly am and I feel that I've been working on it for the past 6 months. The time has come!! Spring is here. It's literally Bloom Time.
We are currently working on building from the ground up our first major retail boutique and our official headquarters in Bali right now.  Our launch date was supposed to be April 15th, however we are on island time so it will likely be May 15th.  It's one of the biggest projects of my life and its. been a big giant leap for me to bring a physical representation to this dream come true for me.
I'm so grateful for all of you who are joining the journey with us and those of who you are new to the community, welcome, I see you, I feel you and I am so happy to have you here with us.
If Libra Full Moon brings this turning point energy then... its time to prepare right now.
Libra is about the scale, it's about balancing energy.
This week think about making conscious choices about what to do less of...
Who to spend more time with...
Who to spend less time with...
What to focus on... in regards to this turning point idea.  What would you need to be focusing on
if you really wanted to manifest/build/attract and magnetize a turning point in your life?
Libra is about balancing your energy.
Yin and Yang.
Right and Left.
Up and down.
Masculine and Feminine.
Light and Dark.
Libra manages relationships, beauty, art and peace.
Cooperation, Compassion and understanding are intentions to bring into the full moon with you.
Cooperation, seeing the bigger picture and choosing this over competition.
Compassion, being able to put ourselves in others shoes to understand where they are coming from given that we haven't walked in their shoes, we have to use compassion in a big way this full moon.
Full Moon in Libra will give us insights into being able to understand each other better.
I'm sharing a full moon workshop next week to dive into these energies.  Learn more about it here.
I hope you have a powerful, peaceful and FUN weekend we have a ton of new pieces that just went up this week including a new Pink/Rose Colorway in some of our favorite linen pieces to help you feel like blooming flower this spring.
Myrah & Robindra

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