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Article: Full Moon in Leo brings heart centred victory

Full Moon in Leo brings heart centred victory

Full Moon in Leo brings heart centred victory

Sat Nam loves, in just a few days on January 25th we will have a powerful Full Moon in Leo.
Remember that anything that we do during the Full Moon is magnified.
This is the first full moon of the year and it's setting the stage for the next 6 months of lunations which will all be interacting with Pluto.
Pluto will make the collective field a very emotional roller coaster. It's a US election year and all the wars and technology upgrades have all brought a lot of tension to the field.
Pluto brings us through the underworld and it is our responsibility to manage our energy and our responses 
so that we can keep evolving past the bottom 3 chakras of survival mode and stay thriving amongst a collective that is triggering us constantly.
Victim or Victorious?
I choose to be Victorious!
In the collective field since Pluto's arrival we will be looking at the harsh realities of our planet and how it has been run by our current system.
When fear and emotions come up, can we take responsibility for our part and then elevate higher into full presence in this moment? 
Take 100% Response. Ability....
This is the key and ticket to making 2024 an incredible year.
Do you have tools, meditations or practises that you have in place ready for when you might be triggered?
Pluto is very triggering and my concern is that many of us will be stuck in the lower emotional states that don't allow us to have full access to our power.
In the Portal To Bloom which is a membership / community, I will be sharing the practises that I do to stay in my center using Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Visualization.
We have to keep our focus on what is right in front of us and with what is showing up.
I found these images from an amazing Astrologer Jonathan Dent, that identifies how Pluto will impact us this year.
For example, I am a Virgo, so this will impact my 6th house which is about health, fitness, pets, work habits, organization...

I share this because the more Self Aware we are, the more we can be responsible for our life.
Knowing this key information can certainly give you a little more insight into what you can focus on in 2024.
The Full Moon is in LEO the Lion, which governs our heart space.
Leo in Astrology rules our 5th house and it also occurs at 5 degrees, activating a #5 experience.
Our 5th house is all about romance, love, play, creativity, fertility and JOY!
5 is the number of freedom in numerology.
Pluto in Aquarius is also about freedom.
Leo is a fire sign but it also is about freedom.
This Full Moon will bring us clarity and liberation on anything that is holding us down.
Question is, what has been triggering you?
What has been holding you down?
Allow the Joyful energy of this LEO Full Moon to sweep it away for you.
Book yourself something really FUN this week.
Full Moon's arrive to LIFT YOUR SPIRIT.
When you LIFT Your SPIRIT, EVERYTHING in your life also moves.
Don't underestimate the power of simply being JOYFUL in your life.
My hubby @Robindra in the Bloom Into Abundance program says over and over again,
DOUBLE YOUR FUN. Usually comes with DOUBLING your income and revenues.
It just flows like that.
Jupiter will also be T Square Taurus during this Full Moon amplifying the JOY in our lives.
J is for... JOY
J is for JUPITER!
The next 3 Full Moon's will be at 5 Degrees, so Freedom is a big theme and a big thing to celebrate and
bring a sense of gratitude to in our day to day.
First we have 5 New Moon's in a row at 20 degrees, giving us 20/20 clear vision, then we have 3 full moons in a row at 5 degree's
all about freedom. You get a sense about how 2024 is going to look amongst the collective.
Knowing this we can plan to be responsible for our part in this grand story.
A really good journal prompt would be to write down 5 things you are grateful for in the realm of freedom.
For me this would look like...
I am grateful that I have 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon to work on myself, my life while my
kids go to the best school I could ever dream of for them.
I am grateful for the freedom to choose my work hours and time every single day.
I am grateful that I have the freedom to see and be with the ocean every morning.
I am grateful for the tea room that we have at our home that gives me space to be alone and creative.
I am grateful for another wonderful day!
Full Moon Leo is about being passionate, creative, child like and FUN.
Leo gives us the courage to do the things that really light our soul on FIRE.
We are in an 8 universal year, illuminating our courage, leadership and self confidence.
My homework for you this upcoming weekend.
  1. Initiate your creativity, be creative in how you speak, how you accept thoughts into your mind.
  2. Be creative with what you pay attention to this week. If you have been paying a lot of attention to instagram, how about paying more attention to watching the sun rise and set this week? LEO is all about where you choose to SHINE your attention.
  3. I want you to have at least 5 hugs everyday from the Full Moon on Thursday till Monday. 5 is the minimum, 14 is the goal! Leo is affectionate, it's about giving and receiving love.
  4. Schedule a dance party! Somewhere, could be your living room, could be your bedroom. Or goto an ecstatic dance class in your city somewhere.
  5. Join my Full Moon Class this Thursday with Live Kick, remember your first class is free, so if you haven't tried it yet, here's your chance!
With Jupiter, Full Moon Leo, all in the mix we want to bring focus to our VISION.
Let's use this FULL MOON to AMPLIFY positive outcomes.
Over the next few days, start to bring shape to the visual of the frequency that you desire.
Remember, Jupiter will also make your emotions higher, so we will need to be mindful of what's triggering us
and have ways to bring us back to the moment.
I want you to feel freedom and victory in the Visual of your desired outcomes.
Mars is conjunct Mercury during the full moon which is saying to us GO FOR IT!!
LIBERATION is yours.
Loves, remember that when you hold a frequency of that which you really want
...and you really hold it in your heart
...and you feel the abundance & the expansion of it happening
This will alter the resonance that you emit to the world.
This altered state will create your next moment.
Which creates your future...
Which creates your life!!
I know there are many zigs and zags this year, ups and downs.
And I'm here with you to choose VICTORY this Full Moon.
Myrah & Robindra

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