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Article: Creating business values for women entrepreneurs

Creating business values for women entrepreneurs

Creating business values for women entrepreneurs

Creating business values for entrepreneurs Theme: Women’s wellness, business, sustainable fashion

Keywords: values, kindness, mother earth, women empowerment, giving back

Businesses use values as a moral compass to steer their ship in the right direction.

When you’re clear on what you stand for and how you want to impact the world, it will help you make informed decisions and stay aligned with your truth when it comes to being a savvy entrepreneur. Suppose you’re a fashion (and human) company like us.

As you begin your business journey and go from one order to one thousand orders, the process will change. Your team may get bigger, production may increase, and you could be faced with dilemmas such as having your stock in a well-known designer shop but mass-producing in a fast way that harms the environment.

Creating your business values at the start is just as important as making the business plan, operational costs and marketing strategy - if not more! When big decisions come your way and difficult choices need to be made, going back to the drawing board, reassessing who you are as a brand and what you believe in will create the dream company you envisioned from the very beginning. As I say - don’t get distracted. So the question is, what are your business values? These often align with your personal values.

Here are some journal questions to get you thinking:

How do you want to show up in the world?

What is the best way to handle challenges and conflict?

What human qualities do you admire?

Respect, integrity, love?

What behaviours are red flags for you?

What businesses and people inspire you the most and why? Once you’ve answered these, you can start to feel out what business values align with you.

In our company, these are just some of the business (and life) values we stand for: Kindness - We believe kindness is the most powerful way to make the world a better place. When you’re kind, you break barriers, open up space for honesty and create ripple effects that can have a lasting impact on the people around you. Kindness can come in many forms, from being transparent, showing love in gestures and creating healthy boundaries.

Mother Earth - as she provides life, we must care for her. To think only of our financial gains when creating a company never felt honourable for us. We believe in slow fashion - making sustainable garments to order rather than mass-producing, which is harmful to the environment and in some countries supports slavery.

We consciously choose how many pieces we release per year, what fabrics we use and how they are crafted. Women empowerment - we believe in supporting women across the globe. As a mother myself, we donate to organisations that help women and mothers in need, from the Bumi Sehat Foundation and Bali Street Moms. We also support female entrepreneurs through hiring, workshop training and Kundalini Yoga practices.

Every woman is a divine goddess and has the power to tap into their highest potential. Suppliers - we see our suppliers as our working family. Therefore we want to ensure they are treated correctly and have the best working conditions. Consequently, we’ve shifted production from factories to families.

We provide a living wage for thirty tailors in Bali, allowing them to work at home in their own time. Give-back As your business and profits grow, you may experience a calling to give back and contribute to the communities around you.

Choosing the right organisations that align with your business values can make the world a better place. Here are some journal questions to get you started: What do you feel passionate about?

What world issues inspire you to take action?

What experiences relate to your heart?

How do you want your clients/customers to feel?

How can you positively impact the world around you?

Remember that your small actions can create and inspire a spiral web of hope and change.

For more information on how we give back, visit us here.

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