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Article: The Power of Movement

The Power of Movement

The Power of Movement

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Satnam Loves, 

We have launched The Sweat Set and it’s already sold out! Don’t worry it will be back in a range of four colors right away. These pieces allow your body to breathe and freely move whilst being active. 

The Sweat Set is for all my beautiful women who want to feel comfortable and held during movement and play. 

Often activewear can be tight and made from material that compacts our bodies to make our boobs and bum look bouncy for the male gaze, and yet leaves us feeling tight, uncomfortable and body/camel-toe conscious. 

The Sweat Set is made from 92% nylon and 8% spandex so it allows your body to breathe during and after a workout. It doesn’t have a middle seam at the front, so it’s comfortable around your yoni. 

The Sweat Set helps support your body and makes you feel like a divine goddess whilst sweating it out. I created it to help you feed and channel your confidence and power through movement. 

Moving your body 

In Kundalini Yoga, movement serves the physical body and three minds (positive, negative and neutral). Across the world it is scientifically proven that moving your body helps decrease depression and anxiety, as well as helping us live longer. 

Stagnant energy often gets trapped in the body and can manifest itself into mental and physical sickness. When we’re hunched over laptops, sitting at our desks and staying cooped in all day without natural sunlight it impacts our energy levels and motivation. 

Simply going for a walk, swim or run can help keep our chakras open and flowing. 

In Kundalini teachings, we know how important it is for us to move our bodies and connect with our breath. Not only are we radiating our true source, we’re connecting our physical and mental fields for full optimal health. 

When I start a session I ask people to rub their hands together to fire up their systems and chant ‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’ calling on divine wisdom. I then ask them to close their eyes and roll them to the sky, whilst using the tip of their tongue to touch the tops of their mouth. This movement is subtle, and yet it activates our pituitary glands which improves our blood pressure, cell growth and even sexual reproduction. 

Forms of movement 

The simple enjoyment of movement can be lost when we focus purely on body image. We often put pressure on our bodies to perform and look a certain way. Having goals and wanting to be healthier/stronger is great, but we also have to remember to rest, heal and play, otherwise we can damage our physical body and burn out. 

Listening to our body is very important, especially for women on their menstrual cycle. Like the moon cycle, we’re created to have different energy levels throughout the month. If we push our body during our bleed, we actually do more bad than good. 

Movement can be anything from breath work, to dancing, to stretching and swimming in the ocean, even brush strokes on a canvas and cooking your favourite dishes in the kitchen is movement.

I often play music and dance with my children. It is a way for us to soften and also recharge. When we feel the music in our body it sets a new vibration. This helps us move stagnant energy and clear any lingering feelings like hurt or anger. 

Moving outside in fresh air and being surrounded by nature is one of the best things you can do. If you go on a brisk daily 20-minute walk it activates your endorphins and allows you to open up space for clarity and creation throughout the day. 

Being in nature is healing and it reminds us that we’re all connected as one. 


Staying balanced and centred allows you to make the best decisions and choose how you want to show up the world. 

When you move you release, therefore you open up space for the higher consciousness to come forward. 

Check out Myrah Penaloza The Sweat Set here. 

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