On Gratitude, Grace, Motherhood, Healing and Breastfeeding

Satnam loves, Myrah here. 

Just a quick note if you have found yourself here right now.  I have been in an interesting transition as my 3 year old son is slowly weening off of breastfeeding and the hormones begin to shift for myself. I have been breastfeeding everyday for the past 5 years first with daughter and now my son. This isn't conversation I have heard about online quite yet but this transition is so powerful. 

This shift is real, I am transforming and I see my own community and life transform right along with me.  Its so wild that one shift within can cause so many changes on the outside. 

The hormone changes are real, the moods are real and I am using my Kundalini Yoga practise, going to the gym and a lot of self development work to continue to expand and grow during this very interesting phase of parenthood. 

My body is shifting and it just feels like everything is on the move in our lives. 

The only thing constant in life is change and it's something we all could bring a little extra humility and grace into.

Lately, we have seen a loss of a lot of our old friends and the gaining of new ones, new friends who are a little more in alignment with our path as parents, as entrepreneurs and yogi's on the spiritual path. 

The loss of old friends at first I was mourning a lot but I've since learned to stay focused on the present moment and within it the beauty that already is here, always.

Keep working on yourself, you are so worth it!

 In the loss of what was so familiar to us, first moving to a new country and then totally pivoting and no longer hosting our Bloom Festival which we hosted for 7+ years and now the loss of a community of friends, many of them single, many of them without kids, many of them not truly wanting to do the same kind of exploration  and healing work that we have been seeking and working on ourselves.

My hubby @Robindra and I have been mourning the loss and yet at the same time we are reminded of the most simple of practises.

1. Today see what you have and enjoy what you see.

2. Do not look what you have not lost.

3. Being in the present always activates with joy. Rejoice in it. Blessings and be with it. 

Once you have made a major shift in your life, the practise takes a lot of work to fully implement and see completely through. The deep work is like this... when you seek to heal your deep ancestral tramas and the wounds of your upbringing while choosing to step fully in your power, in your light, it takes repetition.  

The most simple of intentions that I am reminded of right now is to just follow my joy. If you are reading this and it resonates, do connect and do know your not out there alone. We all have something we are working on, something we are healing and some major triumph and miracle is awaiting you just around the corner.

Now this I know!




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