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Article: New Year New You? Not Exactly... what happened to my new year's resolutions??

New Year New You? Not Exactly... what happened to my new year's resolutions??

New Year New You? Not Exactly... what happened to my new year's resolutions??

Every year our New Years literally begins with fireworks.

In our minds we approach the new years with the idea that we will bring out a new improved version of ourselves. 


Endings - can energize us. The end of a year is no different. 
Did you know that the most common age that people are most likely to run a marathon?
Age 29.
29 is twice a likely as 28 year olds, and 30 year olds.
Another common age is 39 and 49.
When people reach the end of something they tend to perform better.  
So it's not surprising that we all come running out the gate with huge expectations on ourselves about what we can accomplish in the new year. 
What's also at play here is whats called "The Fresh Start Effect"
This effect says that dates operate as temporal landmarks just like landmarks in our physical space (which  help you find your way).
We have certain landmarks in time, Monday, Day after our birthday. 
Those are moments where we are more likely to start on better new behaviour.  People on a fresh start are more likely to start on doing things that are good for them. 
However the fresh start effect only lasts a short time and as we see what happens to new years resolutions, the fresh start effect fades and we are back to our normal selves. 
Hey what ever happened to my new year's resolutions??
Our normal self has 60-70,000 thoughts per day and it is said that 90% of these thoughts are recycled from the day before. 
Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book "Think Greater" shares that
"Your personality, creates your personal reality."
Your Personality is:
1. How you think.
2. How you act.
3. How you feel. 
Our present personality has created the personal reality called your life. 
If we keep thinking the same thoughts.  These thoughts inspire the same choices.  These choices inspire the same behaviour.  These behaviors inspire the same experiences.
Same experiences create the same emotions, creates the same thoughts…
This is one major reason why most people have difficulty rocking their new years resolutions. 
We always try to create a new reality without altering the current personality. 
Personality = how you think, how you act, how you feel on a moment to moment and day to day basis.
To create a new reality and bring out the best version of yourself we can try the following.
1. Examine the thoughts you are thinking
2. Slow down and notice the behaviours that you expressing over a week or 2. 
3. Become aware of the emotions that are familiar to you.
4. Consciously Think New Thoughts …
"New Thoughts lead to new choices, new choices will lead to new behaviours, new behaviors  lead to new experiences, new experiences create new emotions, new emotions will inspire new thoughts….now we have an evolution of change. " Dr. Joe Dispenza
What actions can you take now with this new information?
1. Start a "morning pages" exercise. 
Julia Cameron in her book the Artists Way suggests we take on a Morning writing exercise (where you journal to complete three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing upon waking).
This will help you flesh out what’s moving for you on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. 
Sleep with a pen and paper beside your bed, and grab it first thing in the a.m.—certainly before your phone—to flesh out your early-morning thoughts. 
This will give you awareness of the thoughts you are thinking and even more awareness of the behaviours and emotions you are feeling. 
2. Master Your Mornings.
Be it morning writing, morning meditation, morning exercise and yoga, or all of this.. when you own your mornings, you will begin to own your days, string together some good days and you have a good week, string together some good weeks and we have some good months... 
This good feeling will open you to thinking new thoughts. 
3. Create A Mind Movie
Creating a mind movie (a digital vision board).   It’s a short 3-minute video, or ‘digital vision board’, representing your best life. You’re the creator, the director and the producer.
You can try out this app to make one for yourself.
4. Focus on thinking new thoughts daily. 
Maybe this is over tea with your partner. What my Hubby @Robindra and I have been doing is after our yoga practise when the mind is more relaxed and open to suggestion, we sit with each other and dream up new thoughts and speak them out loud. 
Here's a few New thoughts that came up the other day for us..
We want to swim in the ocean with wild dolphins and have our daughter Soleil experience this and interact with them in the most playful heart opening way. 
Robindra said that he will be hosting Yogi Entrepreneur School in Barcelona in 2019. Which to him was an entirely new thought and possibility. 
I practise my sadhana 7 days a week. 
I tour with Wanderlust in 2019 and 2020 teaching Kundalini Yoga
Bloom Festival 2019 is sold out and sponsors 5 new students from the Bali Wise x ROLE Foundation Program. 
We live in Bali from October 2019-April 2020.
We teach at RA MA Mallorca.
Ride a horse once a week with Soleil. 
Soleil says "I Love you' for the first time and we catch it on film :-) 
The list goes on..
Try to tap into intention of creating entirely new thoughts, don't worry about how any of this is going to happen.
Your job right now is to insert new programs into your mind and subconscious to allow the quantum field to support you on your path to living a life of your dreams. 
I hope that this note inspires some of you to take action and think Greater Thoughts for you, your family, the planet and humanity. 

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