New Moon In Royal Lion Leo


Satnam loves, Myrah here, ready to cheer you on to live in your highest potential and power during today's

New Moon in Royal Lion Leo.

Today, do what you do to put yourself in your heart space.


Walking in nature, listening to your favourite music, silently reading a book in the sun.. barefoot in the grass... are all things that will nurture you and align you with this new moon.


Remember that everything, everything has a divine purpose, there are no accidents.

This New Moon will bring some more intense aspects than a normal New Moon as we have Mercury Opposite to Saturn and a conjunction to Mars/Uranus that hasn't happened on our planet in 2400 years.


Surprises will happen.


Breakthroughs will happen.


Many unexpected experiences and new beginnings will happen.


This is a disruption that is making space for old paradigms to fall away.

The next few days and weeks will feel like you are awakening from a dream.


Your power of concentration will be elevated for the next few days and week ahead so I am very excited to be sharing with you a few practises that I am doing right now to harness this energy in my workshop tonight.


You can RSVP here for the 75Min class + replays available.


Btw, there is also a free trial option so if you haven't tried yet, do it!


With all the potential changes in the air take a lot of deep breaths.

Slow your life down.


This yearning you have for independence and freedom is real.


How can you nurture it?


How can we feel a deeper connection to our soul's vision for us?


How can we connect with one another even more in the face of very polarizing times. The agenda seems to be to have us all as divided as possible.


This New Moon gives us the exact opposite experience.


You will feel connection.


You will feel your heart.


With Leo the Lion energy here remember to love and to laugh.








It's time to bring a lightness to what is going on in the world and know that every little thing will be alright!


It’s time to clean.


The New Moon is the time to clean the negative energies and the old cob webs in the planet.


Join me tonight for a wonderful time to sit together, laugh together and practise together ways to harness and flow with the New Moon in Leo that is here now!




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