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Article: New ideas are imperative for growth, Full Moon in Aquarius musings with Myrah Penaloza

New ideas are imperative for growth, Full Moon in Aquarius musings with Myrah Penaloza

New ideas are imperative for growth, Full Moon in Aquarius musings with Myrah Penaloza

Hello beautiful souls, Myrah here.

I wanted to share a quick update for the upcoming Full moon in Aquarius, as it is going to be a pivotal one for us all. 

Aquarius likes to find solutions, it's about inventions, think Nicola tesla energy!
New ideas are imperative for growth.  Allow yourself the space that opens your heart to new ideas and new ways of being in a changing world.  What new ideas can we implement in our own lives that will cause shifts and changes that will make a difference?  What new ideas arising in the world can we get behind and put positive energy towards?
Aquarius brings things forward that are not in our conscious everyday awareness, so be open to receive intuitive information, gifts and direction from the universe. Listen and take action. Everything happening in your life is a part of the puzzle and is happening exactly how it's supposed to be.  Trust, your intuition, trust your life, trust your decisions, trust yourself!
Note to self - Stop Resisting!!
For me this is how it looks. Our nanny suddenly got sick last week so for an entire week it was just my hubby and I during this time with the 2 very young kiddos trying to run our business and have some sort of life of our own.
Within a few days, not having the usual support so many things started to come up in the intensity of it all.  I felt overwhelmed, I felt ashamed, I felt anger and all the feels.  For me, all kinds of emotions now arrived due to a simple change in our weekly schedule and the normal support we have become used to here.  
If our nanny didn't take a week off, I would have never got to experience all these emotions that were literally at the surface ready to let go.  It reminded both @Robindra and I the importance of self care and going after our trauma's.   I totally get how privileged and amazing it is to be able to have nanny support, so I share this simply to show how this simple change in our day to day brought forth so much healing and information for us. 
Trauma's are what keep us closing our hearts quickly in the face of adversity. In this age we are in now, we must do what we can to heal so that we can face the raw, the realness of 2020 that is asking us all to be active in being the change the world needs from us to make all kinds of systematic changes.
If everytime we face adversity, our hearts close quickly due to trauma we haven't dealt with from our past, we won't be able to powerfully step into the power of the moment that is 2020. 
Chase after your healing, get support, find healers, heal yourself, get curious about what triggers you when you are stressed, get curious about when you close your heart and go there, go deep within and do the work to let it go!
Immerse yourself in activities that set yourself free.
Immerse yourself in joy!
We need to listen and feel that serenity within.
With the full moon upcoming, things are going to be moving quickly now.  We will need to rely our decision making on our intuition, our internal barometer.
We all need to be proactive in creating positive change. Truly we are in this together friends.
If you feel restlessness, get to the source of it, to help you move to the new way that is arising for us all. 
Chase that healing loves.
The excitement and surprise element of this year 2020 is what will help us break away from old patterns.
Take this excitement and connect to those people that really helps us to stay centered grounded,
I hope this was helpful friends!  Stay in the game of your life. This is a powerful time to keep your heart open and receive the bounty of the moment fully.

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Myrah in love reading your healing words. I live in Seattle and have been struggling to get back to the real true me. I love yoga meditation and praying I was born and raised Christian. But have a hard time committing to practice everyday. I’m approaching a new season and reading your words inspires me. I have lots of work to do. Can you recommend a book a first step to renewal.
I love, love your cloths. Ordered one piece so far. Today I’m looking for a piece for a dear friend in New York. As a gift . She has been blessed and has a great life. I’m also going to purchase more cloths for me. Is there a 2021 line coming out? I need to be motivated I’m in a rut I’ve never written to someone I don’t know. Thanks for sharing your personal story. Hazel


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