Myrah's Secret Full Moon bedtime Ritual for long luscious hair

Satnam Friends, Myrah here.

This is a ritual that I have been practising for the past 5-6 months during the full moon and the effects have been magnificent for my hair and overall energy.

Full Moon bedtime Ritual for the radiant body+your electric magnetic field: 

Step 1. Find a large body of water and get wet... go swimming, take a bath, shower whatever just wash your self of yourself. (if the moon light can reflect in the water then extra power to you) 

Step 2.  Then Brush your hair while wet 108 strokes. For every stroke a payer, wish or give gratitude towards. In a generous water vessel, gather some water. Put on your @kundalinigown 😉😜😎 or anything white.

Step 3. With bare feet carry the water vessel (be smart about your climate and location, you know what to do) and walk outside, find a peaceful spot with enough space to twirl with your arms wide open. Place the water vessel on the ground where the moon 🌝 can reflect right off of it.

Step 3. Now gaze at the reflection of the moon in the water vessel. Now, yogis choice: walking clockwise around the bowl while gazing at the moon's reflection will create an electric magnetic field of manifestation towards your hearts desires and align you closer towards your destiny.

Walking counterclockwise will dispel all the negative energy and haunting thought forms that keep you living the same traumas and playing the victim in your own life.

Let me know which one you choose clockwise  or counterclockwise ⌛️.

This should be a 3 minute meditative walk and reflection.

Step 4. Then lastly with your eyes closed, face is up towards the moon begin to spin in the direction that you choose the first time with arms wide open and let every hair be touched by moonlightight. #whipyourhairbackandforth 

Step 5. Finally take the water vessel into your home pour yourself a glass of water from the vessel, place it by your night dresser and in the morning drink the water. May your radiant body be strong magnetic and may your aura repel any ill will and convert its to oneness peace ✌🏽 

I love you all and have fun with this. If you can’t do it all try some of it AND as an added bonus this ritual makes your hair grow #NowYouKnowMySecret.

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