Is It Playtime Yet? On Surrendering to your gift and cultivating your local communities

Hi friends, Myrah here. 

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Is It Playtime Yet On Surrendering To Your Gift And Cultivating Your Local Communities

During my many moons living in Venice, California, I got the chance to visit the Agape Spiritual Centre led by Rev. Michael Beckwith. You might have seen Rev Michael Beckwith talk during the Movie "The Secret", he is one of the most powerful speakers I've met. One concept he speaks about is shifting your day to day experience of life from ordinary to ordained. 

This shift of perspective, that everyday is a miracle, and the ordinary moments are truly special. We live in a world where everyone seems to want fantasy and no one wants to sit with reality.  Fantasy being everything happening online and beyond and quite often not happening in the lives before us.  Social Media has been wonderful in helping us all create and cultivate a global community, but what I've experienced in my own life and see so often is that local communities are not as strong. 

We long to see our friends from around the world, but the friends that live just down the street seem to be so hard to connect with. Further, once a married couple gets hitched, it seems the vast networks of other couples, families and elders are lost and newly weds are left navigating the world by themselves without a strong local community. 

Cultivate Your Local Communities

Is It Playtime Yet On Surrendering To Your Gift And Cultivating Your Local Communities

So it is definitely work that we all have to do to cultivate our own local communities and networks. It's much more than liking your friends posts and commenting on their photos. It's about being open to meet in person and being authentic and vulnerable together. To spend quality time with your local community is one powerful way to move your life from ordinary to ordained.  As we all get older there is nothing more special than having good friends who become the family and network of joy.  

Surrender to Your Gift

Is It Playtime Yet On Surrendering To Your Gift And Cultivating Your Local Communities

It took me close to 6 years to really discover and learn that I was already expressing my gifts. There I was searching, travelling, looking everywhere, until one day  my hubby asked me, what is it that would make you really happy.  I told him that I want to help Mexican women feel empowered.  He smiled back at me and said, you my darling, are the mexican women you need to empower first, then the rest will be easy.

From there, I founded La Luna Social, which is a monthly gathering of women all around the world, who come together with the cycles of the moon. What excites me the most about this platform is that with just a few emails and phone calls, women are being empowered all over the world, from one inspired idea. 

For me, empowering women is what everything I do is all about. Every piece I design in my collection is about women feeling beautiful, themselves, stylish, sacred, powerful and graceful in everything that they do. 

How I shifted everything was first declaring my calling, which is Empowering Women, I let go of any doubt that this might not be it, knowing that once I'm in the creative flow, whatever that true path is, I will be walking.  I acknowledged this gift, I surrendered to this gift, found myself lost in the moment of inspired action and started truly valuing how I show up in the world. 

Is It Playtime Yet?

Is It Playtime Yet On Surrendering To Your Gift And Cultivating Your Local Communities

One thing, I've observed in the west is that we are all so damn serious about life, about everything. There is just something special that happens when we declare that it's playtime. 

With spring quickly approaching, I wanted to create a collection of Playsuits that would empower women to feel and be playful. When women are playful, it is one of the most sexy, adorable, powerful and graceful ways to be healthy and be in the flow of life. 

Playsuit season has arrived and our new line up of onesies will have you playing with your local community of friends like never before. Available now for pre-orders, ships early May.



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