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Article: How to make a positive impact in the world

How to make a positive impact in the world

How to make a positive impact in the world

Keywords: Community, business, giving-back, collective consciousness 

Theme: Women’s wellness

The first thing is don’t get distracted. Simple.

We are constantly bombarded with information that is spread on purpose to confuse and disempower us from reaching our goals and tuning in with our higher self. 

Information overload can feel demoralizing when all we’re reading is negative or fraudulent news. This information is often manipulated and censored to serve a tiny percent of the population, keeping us all distracted and fighting.

I won’t take you down that rabbit hole today because that will distract you from the true purpose of this journal. 

What I will ask is this - what do you want? 

Most people will answer that question by saying - I want to make a positive impact.

But what does that truly mean for you? 

As a universe, we are collectively becoming more conscious. Things that were previously hidden are rising to the surface and being shown for all to see. We’re opening up, and there’s no more denying the sometimes beautiful, sometimes brutal world we live in. 

There is a rightful and honorable place to fight against the racial pandemic, combat climate change, and solve world hunger. But as one person trying to beat a whole system, it is easy to sink into despair & depression and become immobilized. In the end, this feeds the negative cycle and stops any positive impact.

So what’s the answer?

Think smaller to think bigger. The world moves with ripple effects. How are you impacting the small world around you right now?

Look at your community. For example, if you want to set up a business, how can you help families or communities you directly impact? 

Can you help hire people that desperately need work and who may be at a disadvantage?

Can you use sustainable processes that don’t harm the local environment?

Can you donate to charities or support organizations? 

If you create something and can’t share it with others, what is the point? Sitting on a goldmine of money does not make you any happier. The more you give to others, the more you will receive. 

Then look even closer to home. If you’re a parent, you are helping to nurture the future generation that will challenge our old ways of thinking and bring about the new change. 

Are you teaching your children how to trust their instincts?

Are you allowing them to tune into their creativity and playfulness? 

Are you being truthful and guiding them in kindness and empathy? 

Are you letting them live in freedom so they can be authentic with themselves? 

You can start learning how to be a good parent before a child has even entered the womb. It begins by clearing your conditioning and programming birthed on you from ancestral trauma and society itself.

Then it indeed lands with you.

How are you moving in this world?

What messages do you tell yourself? Is it words of empowerment or negative self-talk?

How do you treat your body? 

What frequently do you live on? 

What choices do you make? 

These choices can be anything from what brands you buy, what petitions you sign, what people you hang around with, and how you stand up for the injustice you witness in person? 

These are little things that start to add up and change the world around you. People will notice this, and you will either inspire or repel them, growing and nurturing the energy around you, becoming expansive and powerful. 

This is how you make a positive impact. 

Then you think bigger. 

Then you find creative solutions. 

Then you play the game with your own rules. 

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