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Article: The beloved Guru Jagat. Rest In Natural Great Peace

The beloved Guru Jagat. Rest In Natural Great Peace

The beloved Guru Jagat. Rest In Natural Great Peace

Honouring our teachers 

In Kundalini yoga philosophy there is no death. We believe the Kundalini in our body is simply released and our souls move on. 

I want to talk about honouring our teachers, as I have recently lost mine, the beautiful Guru Jagat

During our earthly experience we become both the student and the teacher, as we learn and share. We are equally connected to our internal God, whilst being flawed and beautifully human. No one stands above the other as a more spiritual or higher-being. However, certain souls are sent to guide us on our journey. 

They help you find a map when you’re lost, they will shine a bright torch when it's dark, and they create a solid foundation of love when it’s time to take a leap of faith into the unknown. They will help you grow, both gently and painfully, when you need it the most.

They will help you see yourself.

Guru Jagat was this teacher and my friend, she was my mentor and my ‘I have your back, and no one fucks with you’ cheerleader. She helped me transition from death to rebirth, and she will always have my heart. 

She was the type of person who saw your highest potential and held you to it. She had a way to make everyone she was in contact with feel special and feel that potential within them. She was a no nonsense direct teacher who for me led by example.  Her message was to find spirit through creativity.  She truly embodied creativity and leadership. 

It was so inspiring to witness a women rise and build an empire of creativity using her practise to amplify the creativity and share it in a way that inspired so many other women to believe that it was possible for them.

Guru Jagat was a boss babe on an entire level never seen before and I am grateful to have had the honor to be in her presence many times.  Her daily classes were sermons delivered right to the heart of the matter. 

She was a total anomaly and straight up, Guru Jagat was a force of nature. 

You can look at all the theories/stories about her that wannabe reporters speak about, but if you are a human on a mission to make the planet a better place, then you can do nothing but appreciate the kind of creative force she brought to the planet.  Her mark will last well beyond her days on this planet. She has moved me and so many wonderful women to take on their own power and express it on our planet.

Who else is doing this?? Your media? Your news? Your haters on Social Media? The trolls? We have NO time for that, the world needs our help, the world needs YOUR LOVE. Here and now. Expressed through your creativity. Which is exactly what Guru Jagat was a stand for by her example.  We lead by example. She did exactly that and even more.

Let's face it, the powers that be want to separate us from each other by creating a divide amongst even the kundalini yoga community and the yoga community as a whole.  Right now, if you can't feel love and appreciate for someone who just passed, you really need to check your pulse, and tap into the soul of compassion. 

Kindness is everything. 

We all always remember the smallest of gestures. Guru Jagat was a queen of sharing powerful gestures that made you know that you were seen, held, loved and pull of potential.  

Thank you Guru Jagat for being the Matriarch of this blooming radical community. You believed in our vision of Its Time To Bloom Festival, you were my first wholesale order for my brand when we first launched, and you blessed and called in the spirits of my unborn children on their 120th of conception.   Your 120th day meditations with women were game changing and you helped us usher in 2 of the sweetest souls on the planet right now.

I will always be grateful for the space you made for us and your open invitations to every event, festival and gathering. You Hermana del alma are forever loved. I will always be sitting at your lotus feet chanting Akal to infinity and beyond. 

Through your work and teachings you brought all walks of life together. You helped people experience true fulfillment and freedom through Kundalini. You showed us how to be spiritual, creative and how to be a badass business woman, all at the same time. I will miss your humour and laughter. 

I will continue to honour your teachings and wise words that at times I tried to hide from. Thank you for reminding me. 

I will hear your voice when I speak to my own students, and they in turn teach me. 

I love you. 


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