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Article: Healing & Love with Kirby Amour founder of Amour Soul Space

Healing & Love with Kirby Amour founder of Amour Soul Space

Healing & Love with Kirby Amour founder of Amour Soul Space

Today's LOVE STORY comes all the way from Portugal with Kirby Amour who recently founded a healing space and guest house with her 8 year old daughter. 

Ever find yourself wondering where the light workers are in the world? If we had more Kirby's in the world, it would certainly have more love and healing.

If you are looking for a place to share your next Yoga Retreat, wouldn't Portugal be a wonderful destination?  Kirby's new space might just be perfect for you.

Excited for you to read this inspiring Love Story.

Meet the ever inspiring Kirby Amour 

Amour Soul Space (healing space and guest house in Portugal) and Copper Toxicity support via my Soul Coaching work. I literally just moved to Portugal with my 8 year old daughter - didn't know anyone, never had been to my new home city, only had a vision for a home and healing center which I turned into a reality within two weeks. It's been a crazy adventure since.

Kirby is a Certified Soul Coach Practitioner and Medicine Woman sharing modern ceremony as a form of healing.

I became a Certified Soul Coach in 2017 after I was led to the program and practices on a healing journey in the US, healing myself of a lifelong illness completely with alternative treatments.

Following traditional cues from my Native American heritage in my work, I use practices from the traditional Soul Coaching program alongside intuitive ceremony to help my clients heal and create the life they seek.

I founded Amour Soul Space in 2018 after having a vision nearly a year earlier of a place in Portugal where people would come to heal and gather as a family.

Where can people find your services/projects? 

On Instagram follow:



Going to Portugal? Check out



What are you really excited about right now?

All the amazing new people coming into my life because of my new space.

It's incredible people literally show up at my door and they are all magic beautiful souls! 


What inspired you to become "a house mama"?

I love to give - I mom everyone, cook and care for people. My guest house and healing center gives me the opportunity to do all of this and get paid for it!

I was inspired by overcoming a hard life and always having faith in love - real love and connection with others that heals the world one relationship at a time.


What's your major challenge right now and what are you doing to overcome it?

ALL-THE-STUFF to do haha! I've never had a to-do list so large in my life with the guest house taking off literally 24 hours after opening and now getting the healing center opened Nov 1st. I'm not sure I'm overcoming this challenge yet but just pushing through like most solo business owners. Self-care is so vital for me right now. I can't wait until we're offering yoga classes cause you know I'll be the first to join! 

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now?

Love making. I know that sounds odd but after a series of abusive and traumatizing relationships, I've landed in one that is healing me in every single way possible.

And not in a "knight in saving shining armor way" but in an empowering - I can really be myself and loved kind of way.

Our intimate time together is a daily reminder of what healing can happen with a true connection. And a stress reliever haha! 

How can the community support you right now? 

Help me find people to offer retreats in our beautiful new studio and guest house! I would like to book a variety of hosted retreats in the coming 12 months, we're in such a great town close to Lisbon airport but far enough away on the ocean with all the surfing one would want.

The energy and vibes here are incredible and I want to introduce Ericeira to practitioners who can spread their magic through our home. 

What is your dharma in 2 words. 

Spreading healing love and inspiring others to take the big scary risks in life to live the life they love. 

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