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Article: 6 Things to wish for when the new moon is in Virgo

6 Things to wish for when the new moon is in Virgo

6 Things to wish for when the new moon is in Virgo

Satnam loves, do I have any Virgo mamas out there celebrating their birthdays this week? For my birthday, we kept things pretty low key. This being a mama to 2 under 2 has been challenging. I really didn't hear many people talking about the transition to 2. I do share about it on my recent IG post here.  

The new moon in earthly Virgo is here to feed your sense of adventure and support your long-term destiny. Tonight's energetic new moon, you can trust that your visions are rooted in reality and your goals are coming to light. These are achievable and practical, even if they seem sky-high now!

Virgo moon energy is present from  August 23rd - September 22nd.

Virgo is like clay, adapting to its surroundings as it serves, supports and upholds. It's efficient, orderly, and drawn to purity and cleanliness, if not literally, then metaphorically. 

It's intelligent, self possessed and thoughtful although in its shadow form, it can be perfectionist and critical.

6 Things to wish for when the new moon is in Virgo

Canary Yellow Kunda

New moons are meditative days, slow, sleepy, grounded, rooted and I like to say, it's a day when we can truly root into our destiny.

1. Virgo Rules Physical Health, so this is a good time to wish for Physical / Health / Diet / Exercise Breakthroughs. 

2. Expansions and Elevations in regards to your work/job/career/business.]

3. Clear Mind, Clear ability to discriminate all of the information that you experience into something useful and tangible for expressing and experiencing your destiny.

4. Helpfulness (being helpful, finding ways to serve) & Being Supported

5. Order and Balance

6. Relaxing your tendencies for perfectionism... can I get a big inhale, and exhale on this one?? 

Yogi Bhajan said something unusual when speaking about goals and the human approach to life.  He said that it is very inhuman to seek, to look for something and try to get it. Instead he implored us to recognize and deliver; to be still and let things come to us.  He did not mean for us to be passive, he meant we have the power to be radiant literally in our auras.

And radiant figuratively, in the charisma that comes to us when we are clear, congruent, and conscious. When we recognize our destiny and the purpose that accompanies it, we become present in a tangible and powerful way.

Presence and purpose encompass all of our goals and sorts out the irrelevant ones while giving life to the important ones.

This new moon is a call to focus, to open up your perception and let the pattern of your destiny uncover itself. The pattern of your destiny and direction of your purpose will stand in the present moment and through every moment, as you attune and begin to sense that pull of destiny, capture it in words that will stir your passion for life and inspire others as well.

Here's a easy to use guide to connecting to you destiny and connecting to your wishes in this next cycle of the moon.

1. Write down your top 10 wishes for the month

2. Visualize and feel your wishes in your body, write down an affirmation to support them. 

3. Write down how you intent to work towards making each wish happen. 

4. Meditate, and then release attachment to your wishes by saying. For the good of all or not at all or not at all, and then silently chant this mantra with your eyes closed for a few minutes until you feel totally present:  OM Namo Narayani. 

5. Take a few minutes, perhaps create a little silent space to have tea with yourself and contemplate the following Virgo Moon questions.

Where is there clutter in my life?

What actions steps or choices can I take to clear this space?

How can I support myself in maintaining clear space on the inside and out moving forward? 

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